The Second Nature Music CD by Santa Fe’s Finest Jazz Musicians

The 10 jazz piano trio recordings on this CD, Second Nature, are by Santa Fe’s finest jazz musicians: on piano, Brian Bennett, Rick Bowman, Bert Dalton and John Rangel; David Brady on drums; and Andy Zadrozny on double bass. Each pianist plays and improvises in his own style, with additional improvisations by Andy and Dave. Thus, four separate and distinct jazz piano trios grace this CD with musical arrangements of jazz standards. The melodies on this CD are not grouped by keyboard artist, but rather are organized as a string of jazz musical renditions meant to engage and please the listener. The project’s scope was to invite each pianist to select as many as four “jazz standards” from their repertoire. Standards were broadly defined to include any of the 200 to 300 jazz compositions that serve as the cornerstone of jazz music, and also included any additional lesser-known pieces that generally fit the genre. The second criterion was that each pianist recorded without a live audience to avoid any extraneous noise and so any number of audio recording takes could be made. Third, each pianist was beckoned to demonstrate his creative virtuosity with the melodies and the improvisations, and to play with subtle nuance, originality, spontaneity and bravado. Fourth, the musical renderings were to be pleasing to both lay and sophisticated audiences. The final goal was the production of this superb jazz piano CD so as to promote these artists to new audiences and new venues. Each pianist selected his own pieces for the project, arranged the four numbers and rehearsed with bassist and drummer before recording. The four recordings, lasting four hours apiece, were done in four separate sessions. In the end, the pianist nominated pieces from his recordings for this first CD. All of the artists are devoted and committed musicians as well as dedicated teachers. This CD showcases their musical talents and serves as an excellent pedagogical tool. The individual pianist’s renditions are not batched or clustered together; on the other contrary, the pianists’ works are intermixed so the listener can easily focus on and distinguish one pianist from the others. For the student of jazz the CD can be used to teach melody, chords (simple and complex), chord progressions, harmonic rhythm, how the three instruments—piano, bass and drums—complement one another, comping, tempo, bridges and developing an ear, just to name a few. Much to their credit, John Rangel and Barbara Bentree did the audio and video recordings of all sessions. The videoed sessions can be viewed on YouTube. The contact details for each performer can be found under the Meet the Band Tab.